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released June 8, 2012

Mixed & mastered by Orest Lubinets.
Vocals recorded at FAT Sound.
Artwork by Taras Karabin.




Home Destinations Lviv, Ukraine

Home Destinations is a 5-piece melodic hardcore band from Lviv, Ukraine. Formerly known as Self Other.

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Track Name: Connection
The parts of truth explode so bright.
They bring our likes to the world we've got we thought.
But we've forgot who should we be among the ones.

Who are they? The creatures inside - fighting.
They want me to retreat.
What the heck are you doing in me?

Who are they? The features inside - fighting.
They want me to succeed.
What the heck are you waiting in me?

You'll need to see.
I will invite, leave satisfied.
Will introduce you all to me to break the myth.
Pathfinding peace in voided depth.

So slowly running me regress.
Still loosing sense in all this mess.
We barely hear each other (we barely hear each other).
Never admit mistakes, being violent, completely deaf
or just too silent to speak up.
Without finding a compromise, in the smiles been hiding.
When I thought I've found something to protect
and to take care of...
Seconds passed and now it's burning disappearing dust.

We have to stay on lights inside.
We have to stay on lights inside.
In ourselves.
Track Name: These Seconds
Celebrating bullshit, missing all the fun!
They have religions distorting their sight and mind.
And dirty politicians are telling who is right or wrong.
Don’t burn the seconds! Get the moment!
Live it through and wait. Reload!
Once more! The moment!
Live it through and wait. Reload!

There is always time to change yourself a lot.
There is always time to make a better world.
All divided in the shells, scarred of risk while being dead.
Days like seconds, years like hours.
Passing by all storylines…
Still being scarred, but hoping for the better.

Breathing through the piece of truth.
Collecting clues all nights long.
And losing all of them again while being waked by someone you knew in vain.
And now it’s happening again and again. Enough!
No time for playing all these games.
No time for being insincere.

We're sending times back inside. Back in time!
We're falling in right to the skyground.
Time is set to move us forward.
Time reminds us of the end.
Time makes us forget the past and try to work together
once again.
We have to…